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Deposit Expres

Accelerate your savings with a foreign currency deposit


Currency: EUR, USD

Discount Circle Dash

Term: 5 and 9 months and Fixed rate

Cash Payment Coins

No deposits and no withdrawals

Minimum amount: : 100 USD

Expres - 9 luni

Interest rate
2.95 %
Type of period (days)
Period income
Total income
Total amount
5 066.65

Representative calculation example for Express deposit in USD. The amount of the interest will depend on compliance with the terms of placing the deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Advantageous savings in the short term
  • Online opening through OTP Internet and Mobile Banking or in any OTP Bank branch
  • ZERO costs for opening, managing and closing deposit accounts
  • Free debit card*, on which you will receive interest paid monthly
  • Immediate availability of resources in any OTP Bank branch
  • Safety guaranteed by an international financial group
* The debit card is issued and serviced free of charge throughout the validity period.

  • Currency: USD/EUR
  • Term: 9 months
  • Minimum amount / minimum balance: 100 USD / EUR
  • Interest rate: FIXED
  • Interest payment: monthly, to the current account or to the card
  • Maximum amount: unlimited, according to the conditions established by the Bank
  • Additional submissions: not allowed
  • Withdrawals: not accepted
  • With automatic renewal
  • Account opening / closing commission: 0

Resident or non-resident individuals who have reached the age of 18.

In the case of opening the account by the owner:

  • The identity document
  • Other documents, as needed

In the case of opening the account by an authorized person:

  • Copy of the identity document of the account holder, authenticated by a notary
  • The identity document of the authorized person
  • The act or copy of the act authenticated by a notary (power of attorney) certifying the authorization of the person to open the account, the savings account and other documents necessary to open bank accounts
  • Other documents, as needed